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How to Download and Use VLC Application for Windows from Microsoft Store

How to Download and Use VLC Application for Windows from Microsoft Store

VLC A well-known media player that we all used at one time or another. The reason for its popularity is the features it offers. The shortcuts in it allow you to control the multimedia playback in a very simple way and you can configure the aspect ratio of audio and video in different ways as required.

If you love this player like me, some good news for you. The vlc player The team has released a modern player application Windows 11/10 Users. So if you use Windows 11/10 / 8.1 / 8, You can go Windows Store To get VLC for the Windows Store Application.


We found the app to be very easy to use, but the shortcuts you used in this desktop software do not apply to this modern application. This is the main drawback of the application. Apps allow you to play media directly from removable drives, which can be useful for you.

This is what you get in this UWP application

VLC Windows Store application

The utility is very good when it comes to video playback. If you compare this application Windows 11/10/8Is native Video Usage, not too different. Plus point for that VLC Apps allow you to move more accurately to a specific point in the media playback.

However, we can expect additional options in this VLC Support for hotkeys to control playback, use in future updates such as feature size adjustment and subtitle loading automatically.


If you do not like the built-in feature, the music section of the app would be a good alternative Music Application. But for this part, sorry VLC Guys, but I will always stick with the natives Music Use to play music, because there is nothing that encourages me to use it VLC Application.

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You can add nice visuals in the background while playing music to enhance this area.


You can open any file in your own video app, using the modern style file browser, VLCThe application allows you to read only your content Libraries section. So the custom location file cannot be read.

However, the application has a section called External Storage, which you can use to play media directly USB, DVD Disks. Direct playback from media servers is also supported.


In total, VLC If you do not like built-in media applications, the application may be a good alternative for you Windows 11/10/8.

Can I Download VLC from the Microsoft Store?

Yes, you can download VLC from the Microsoft Store. Whether you use Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can download VLC Media Player from the Microsoft Store to your computer. Although there is no option to choose between 32-bit and 64-bit versions, it downloads the application according to your system configuration.

There are two main ways to download and install VLC on Windows 11 and Windows 10 systems. First you can go to the official website and download the application on your computer. Second, you can open the Microsoft Store and download VLC Media Player to your computer.

You can search it in the Windows Store or Click here.

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