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Android TV is improving with the arrival of the new beta of Android 12

You do not need to quickly connect to your SVoD services

When Google configures the TV system, it can automatically download its applications and identify us on our services without entering a password. As your streaming services increase, so will your life.

Source: Google

When you change the device, re-enter all your identifiers and download your apps again, it can be painful. If the transfer procedures on smartphones are well developed, it is not on TVs (although we are less likely to replace TVs than phones). This may soon change in the Google TV system, which will automatically download its applications when you enter your login credentials.

Already has a functionality with Google Assistant, but not on TVs

Currently, we can connect our various streaming services, SVoD or music with Google Assistant. This allows you to run your content on Google devices such as Nest Hub or other devices powered by Cast without having to reconnect.

Until then, Google Assistant can only recommend content on sites you’ve already subscribed to on Google TV, but you will need to sign in to view it when you first use the service. In the future, you will be logged in automatically from the configuration.

Google TV automatically connects you to Netflix and more …

This is the APK Insight Panel 9to5Google Innovator. In the latest Google TV Apps update, version 1.0.4508, “ It is mentioned that Google TV automatically downloads a list of your affiliated subscriptions and their applications and, if possible, connects them to your account. “Unfortunately, we do not know the vulnerable applications, but we can openly think about various video streaming services.

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It is not clear how this option works, but according to media reports, Google TV can copy and connect data from another device, your smartphone, tablet or another TV. So as of today the operating system does not go through Google Assistant.

Google Chromecast with Google TV (1)
Chromecast with Google TV // Source: Arnaud Gelineau for Frandroid

However, as APK Insight reminds us, the arrival of this function is not guaranteed. If it is to be used, we do not know the presumptive date. Nevertheless, it would not be unreasonable to speculate about the imminent arrival of the new Chromecast with Google TV.

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