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test halo infinite histoire

Co-op mode is coming, here’s how to test it!

After a long wait, players at Microsoft’s FPS can detect multiplayer mode for the game’s campaign.

Cooperative method of propagandaThe halo is infinite It will be a long delay, but the players are happy: it will not be long! The last report was released last March, but this time it is correct, 343 Industries is preparing for the arrival of the long-awaited mode and seizing the opportunity to integrate a unique feature.

Everything will be in beta soon with the first trial period of July 11th to 22nd. Players who own a portion of the campaign will be offered this opportunityThe halo is infinite And Xbox Game Pass subscribers. To do so, we explain the process to be followed.

Cooperative? No but what a hollow!

Can undertake adventure The halo is infinite In good company, you need to register as a Hollow Insider via the site Hollow Way Point And download the app Xbox Insider On your console or computer. When finished, you can download the new version of the campaign at the beginning of the trial period.

The function of the beta will be a little specific and it is important to clarify a few points before making a decision to deal with it. For this test, Microsoft will download another version of Single Player mode for participants, i.e. restart the campaign from scratch. The progress will go to the classic campaign, but any improvements made during the beta will not go to the final version of Co-op mode: So be careful with your data.

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The Cross game It’s definitely available to join your friends playing on Xbox One, Series X or S and PC. The final release date of the mode is not yet known, but the time is not far off when the trial period will confirm this plan, which 343 businesses have already blocked for months. The goal is to provide co-operation to all in the coming August. The case to proceed.