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How to download and install Pikmin Bloom game on iOS and Android?  - Breakflip

How to download and install Pikmin Bloom game on iOS and Android? – Breakflip

Pikmin Occupies your mobile with the Pikmin Bloom game available on iOS and Android. How to download and play games on your phone?

After the success of Pokemon Go, Nintendo And Niantic Fans are once again in charge of the mobile with a new game inspired by the well-known Saga: Pigmin Bloom !

The game is now available Free Today all over Europe, you can download it on official sites like this Google Play Store And thisApp Store.

Pigmin Bloom, a mobile game that will grow your Pigmin

The augmented reality game is available, too Free, On mobile in France to date:

After being terrorized on both sides of the planet, Pigmin Bloom Has finally officially arrived in Europe. This is an opportunity for mobile gamers to discover new stories on their mobile phones.

How to play Pigmin Bloom?

In this mobile app, there are many features. Thanks to the application, the player can meet different types of pigs during the day.

The goal of the game is to raise pigeons while walking, to complete your collection. The piglet you have successfully hatched will join you in your adventure! On your journey, you will find Pygmy with different looks. You can send your Pigmin to collect tasks Fruits Or delete Mushrooms.

At the end of each day, the game will give you one Note Allows you to collect honey from your pigs. This honey is essential for growing flowers in your different pigeons.