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92 percent approval for Steam, new player record

92 percent approval for Steam, new player record

of Michael Miskulin
Resident Evil 8 Village was released and many players have already been able to get a good impression of it. The title received 92 percent approval from Steam users. At the same time, he was able to set a new player record within the Resi8 series.

The latest installment of the Japanese survival horror series Resident Evil 8 Village was released yesterday. For the most part, the title came out well in international gaming magazines. The RE8 offers a fantastic staging, excellent scope and lighting mood. On the other hand, the renewed focus on extra activity clouded the mood. But how do new recruits get it?

The players in Resident Evil 8 Village are very satisfied. At least that says an overall rating of all reviews of the Steam PC operating system. It was “very positive”. A total of 92 percent of users gave a positive rating to the survival horror title. The graphics and soundscape are appreciated by many users. Nervous circling background noises will make you feel constantly alert. It only creates a good level of tension. Overall, it can be said that many users see the successful combination of Resident Evil 7 and Resident Evil 4 in the title.

However, some players criticize the story for deviating from the original Resident Evil story. The fact that the horror factor has evaporated compared to the direct predecessor Resident Evil 7 is a matter of controversy for players – some like it, others hate it. Technically, the missing FOV slider is also often criticized.

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Resident Evil Village in Technical Experiment with 8 Definitions: Graphically Successful Retracing Horror [Update]

Generally positive mood regarding Citizen Evil 8 Village Also reflected in the number of players. Via SteamDB-like Twitter Released, the village did at one time More than 100,000 simultaneous players Was. This is also the new player record for the Resident Evil series. At the same time, RE8 has been well received by Internet viewers, as about 600,000 RC8 players sometimes watch the tweet.

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