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How to download all Snapchat stories from a specific location?

How to download all Snapchat stories from a specific location?

It is a tool that attracts those who are interested or do a little information. You know for sure that Snapshot allows you to keep track of what’s going on on the planet, thanks to a map that is accessible here, which shows all the stories of the moment.

By walking around the map, you can see what is happening in such a place, such as enjoying certain events by proxy or sucking in the atmosphere or watching the weather.

With script Snapshot Story Downloader, You can search the snapshot map of the places you like and download all the stories and view them and then categorize.

Since we do not know how Snapchat determines which videos will appear on the map, the script can “randomize” the location a few hundred meters in the hope that it will get more results.

To install the tool, run the following commands:

git clone
cd snapchat-map-scraper/
# créer un environnement virtualisé
python3 -m venv env
# activer l'environnement virtualisé
source env/bin/activate
#installer les dépendances
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Then create a database of your preferred location:

python3 create snap.db

Look at the URL of your destination on the map and get GPS coordinates.

So, from this URL:,2.305133,16.53z

You can run the following command:

python3 add --database snap.db --label "Champs Elysées" 48.870226 2.305133


python3 scrape --database snap.db --randomize --repeat

As you go, every 120 seconds new videos and photos will be automatically uploaded to the project / media folder.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas!