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We’re back here to talk about the opportunity to say thank you for the ongoing process between epic games and Apple. With a somewhat audited document, we can find it Sony PlayStation Created Income Almost doubling Microsoft Xbox As for the Games and Services page. The data indicate the year 2019.

Information was shared and commented on Daniel Ahmed |, Nico Partners Analyst. Through the document we can see that Microsoft is one of the companies that has earned more than a billion dollars in software and services. Other companies exceeding one billion are marked in descending order: Microsoft’s actual number is audited. Not bad, because at the end of the document you can see the map showing the companies’ earnings: the names of the companies are not mentioned, but by skipping two parts of the document you can see that Microsoft has earned the revenue equivalent of $ 2.2 billion through software and services. However, in the same year, Sony earned 4.1 billion or almost double the revenue.

However, these values ​​do not indicate true I earn The end of the video game page of the two companies. It’s about profits from games and services. Consider also the losses in the hardware sector. As we have already explained to you, in fact, Microsoft never makes money by selling Xbox: the hardware is always at a loss. According to Ahmed, the real profit of the Xbox will be very low if not very negative.

The same document points out that Sony has lost about $ 1.7 billion on the hardware side. True PlayStation ProfitTherefore, it will be $ 2.3 billion during the reporting period. These data estimates are not accurate data, but give us an idea of ​​the order of magnitude of the figures involved.

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Finally, here Ranking Estimated revenue for games and services; Sony PlayStation and Microsoft Xbox are not the biggest:

  • Tencent – 3 6.3 billion
  • Apple – 2 5.2 billion
  • Sony – 1 4.1 billion
  • Google – 2 3.2 billion
  • Netizens – 4 2.4 billion
  • Microsoft – 2 2.2 billion
  • Operational blizzard – 6 1.6 billion
  • EA – billion 1.2 billion
  • Epic Game – $ 1 Milliardo