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How to connect your airboats with your Nintendo Switch or Switch Light

How to connect your airboats with your Nintendo Switch or Switch Light

The Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite are console games on the go – without any consideration for modern audio features. Headphone socket? Cheque. Bluetooth connection? Not really. When you think we’re all happy to live like Nintendo 2015, there is a way to use your airplane with your switch or switch light for wireless and comfortable entertainment.

If you examine the settings of your switch, you will not find a way to connect Bluetooth devices to the Mario engine. This is a little surprising since Nintendo released the switch in 2017, Six months After Apple released the first iPhone without a headphone jack. If you take Nintendo’s word for it, your phone, airboards, switch, And A pair of wired headphones if you want a full portable bag.

How can you connect your Airports, Airports Pro or Airboats Max with your switch? With Bluetooth adapter. Considering the switch is even more amazing There is Need Bluetooth 4.1. Nintendo has so far opposed the functionality for wireless headphones, which may be due to wireless interference with Joy-con controllers. The company could have easily added a Bluetooth dongle as an additional accessory, but it will only highlight its awkward Joy-con design.

Fortunately, there are third-party options to fix this huge audio issue that Nintendo left behind. With the Bluetooth transmitter, you can stream audio from your switch to your airplane, no problem. These adapters operate by tricking the switch into thinking through the transmitter a wire audio. The adapter then picks up digital audio from the USB-C port and streams it to your airports.

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Try Homespot’s Bluetooth Transmitter

Although a quick Google search proves it exists A lot Of the Bluetooth transmitters available, we recommend consulting the HomeSpot version. HomeSpot builds a Bluetooth 5.0 transmitter specifically for the Nintendo Switch, so it works just as well. Additionally, it is available in a variety of colors:

Bluetooth adapter for Nintendo Switch on Amazon. 25.99

The HomeSpot transmitter is plugged directly into the USB-C port located under your switch. Once connected, you can use the included USB-C to USB-adapter to connect the transmitter to the USB-A port on your docking station.

Connect your airports with the HomeSpot adapter

It doesn’t matter if you are connected or not, press and hold the B1 or B2 button on the transmitter for three seconds to enter the connection mode. You know it is in merging mode when the lights are on. After searching for transmitter devices, it is time to put your airports in connectivity mode.

Airboats and Airboats Pro

  1. In case of charging with your Airports or Airports Pro, open the case card.
  2. Press and hold the configuration button on the back of the case.
  3. The coupling mode starts when the LED glows white.

Airboats Max

  1. Take your Airboats Max out of the smart case.
  2. Press and hold the noise control button on the front of the digital crown.
  3. The coupling mode starts when the LED glows white.

Wait a few seconds for the HomeSpot adapter to pick up the connecting signal from your airplane and both devices should connect automatically. Once that is done, you are free to enjoy the wireless audio experience you expect in 2021.

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Additional features

Although the main focus of the HomeSpot transmitter is the ability to connect airports and other wireless headphones with your switch, this dongle comes with other useful features that may be useful to you.

For starters, you can connect two pairs of headphones to the transmitter at a time, so two buttons. This way, you and a friend can connect your airplane with a switch and enjoy high-speed gaming wherever you are. Since you can connect both pairs of airports with different Apple devices to share audio, your airports will feel right at home too.

The game chat has a built-in mic. If your headphones have their own built-in mic, all Airboat models do, which by default do not work with HomeSpot’s transmitter. You need to put the adapter in “HFP” beta mode to use it.

  1. Make sure the switch is on the home menu screen.
  2. Press and hold the right button (B2, next to the red button) when inserting the transmitter into your switch.
  3. Press the button until the adapter flash all LEDs.
  4. You usually connect your headphones and their microphone (s) should now work.

There is also support for AptX technology, which reduces the time it takes for game sound to reach your headphones. Unfortunately, airports do not support aptX, so if you use Apple’s wireless headphones with your switch, you will not get these benefits.

Are you going to go pro?

If you are interested in other features such as voice chat on apps like Discord, Nintendo Online, WhatsApp and FaceTime; Streaming music applications such as Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube Music; And for audio balancing, you can choose the HomeSpot Pro Bluetooth adapter. You get all the standard features of the HomeSpot transmitter and the features in this column for an extra $ 20.

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