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Ghost’s Goblin Resurrection – Ora Su Nintendo Switch

Prepare your armor to face the realm of demons inside Goblin resurrection of demons, Now available for digital download on the Nintendo EShop for the Nintendo Switch. Goblin resurrection of demons Modern remake of the iconic Capcom series, Ghosts are my goblins, And includes graphics reminiscent of a storybook, captivating and addictive, action-packed platform gameplay. Fearless Knight sees Arthur in a terrifying new adventure inspired by the latest installment of the famous franchise Ghosts are my goblins And its continuation, Demons of demons.

During his adventure Goblin resurrection of demons, Arthur will have to make his way through a series of internships in each area of ​​the monster. In his quest to save the princess and restore peace to Earth, Arthur encounters formidable enemies such as the Skeleton Killer and the Red Armor, along with deadly bosses including Cyclops, Cerberus and Arthur’s long-time revenge, Demon King Astrod.

Goblin resurrection of demons Includes eight different weapons ranging from reliable spear to new additions such as hammer and sharp ball. New to the series is the mysterious Umbrella Tree, which allows Arthur to learn and develop a variety of useful spells and magical skills throughout his work. Arthur is to use the weapons, magic and skills at his disposal to defend against enemies and bring the princess home.

This new installment in the series introduces for the first time the local co-op mode for two players to the Goblins’ My Coblins universe. Friends and family can now join in Arthur’s quest to defeat evil in one of three secondary roles: Barry creating effective barriers to safety; Kerry carrying Arthur through danger; And Archie building bridges you can cross.

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By choosing one of three difficulty modes, Skyr, Knight and Legend, both beginner and arcade believers can enjoy fighting in the demon world. All new page mode allows coaches entering the series for the first time to recreate on the spot with unlimited life. Meanwhile, senior fans Ghosts are my goblins They will find themselves in such a new and familiar territory “Cemetery” Crowds of zombies lurk at every turn “Hidden Caves” Some enemies can only be seen in complete darkness. Focus on the brave adventurers – Arthur’s journey does not end with the defeat of the final boss. As well as on the classic title Ghosts are my goblins, The brave knights will discover a new world of fear and enemies during the second playthrough of the game, which will offer new challenges and changed levels.