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Svizzera, trovati morti due escursionisti bergamaschi: colpiti da scarica di sassi dopo un volo di 350 metri

Affected by stone ejection after 350 meters flight

After a flight of 350 meters was hit by a boulder. Two climbers from Bergamo, one 25 years old and the other 48 years old, lost their lives while climbing between Swiss And Sondrio Province. The two, who departed Saturday from the Sasc Furà refuge in Switzerland, intended to reach the northeastern face of Piso Patile, via Casin, to the Gionette refuge in the Val Massino municipality (Sondrio), but they did not get there.


After reporting that he did not return Searches begin, On the Italian side and on the Swiss side; VII Valdelina’s technicians – Valchiavenna Alpine Rescue Team, Financial Police Sock, Helicopter Rescue, Swiss Cantonal Police and Riga – Swiss Air Rescue Force. During the survey, some traces were identified on the Swiss side near a crack in the bottom of the wall and the rescue of two climbers was carried out by the Swiss Riga.

Who are the victims

Two Pergamon mountaineers who died today in Pisso Badile were invited Matteo Carnaco, 25, from sorizol, e Giovanni Allevi, 48, of Villa di Serio. While spying with drones by rescuers, some personal effects were first identified on the Swiss side near the crack at the base of the wall. Later lifeless bodies were also found in the cracks. Both climbers built a 350-meter plane and were hit by stones.

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