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How to Avoid Waiting and Downloading the Latest Update of Windows 10 Now

How to Avoid Waiting and Downloading the Latest Update of Windows 10 Now

Windows 10 users can download the latest blockbuster update in the coming weeks … or skip the queue (Image: Microsoft)

After several months of waiting, Windows 10 users will be done Finally Dip their teeth in the latest feature-packed update. Microsoft usually pushes bug fixes, stability improvements and performance changes to a billion or more PCs running Windows 10, however, saving the biggest new additions to two blockbuster updates each year. The Windows 10 October update brings in a second update and redesigned Start menu, in-depth integrations with the new Microsoft Edge and more scheduled to launch this year.

With these significant software updates, Microsoft is spreading around the world. It is designed to ensure that its servers can cope with the large-scale demand for a newer version of Windows 10, however, which could mean that the Redmond-based company may slip on the brakes if it detects a catastrophic problem with the software. The first few days. These bugs, sometimes referred to as “showstoppers”, have stopped many of the previous Windows 10 updates.

So, while Microsoft is wary of taking its time… it can cause anger if you sit at home patiently testing new designs and latest features.

Fortunately, there is a way to kickstart the download a little earlier. First things first, you need to check if the Windows 10 October update has arrived on your Windows Update tool. To do this, look for “Windows Update” in the search box other than the Start menu icon, and then click “Check for Updates”. If the update is ready and waiting, you should see an item called “Feature Update for Windows 10, Version 20H2” (Version 20H2 is Microsoft calling its latest update into the company). Click “Download and Install” to get started.

If there is no indication for an update, you can download the latest version of Windows directly from Microsoft’s website.

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Windows 10 Update New Features Microsoft October Update Start Downloading Now

Microsoft has redesigned the Start menu with a clean, minimal design (Image: Microsoft)

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How to Download Windows 10 October Update Now Apart from the Order

To do this, Microsoft users need to download and use the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool – which does not allow you to download all the important ISO files, which allows you to kickstart to install the latest version of the operating system directly. Using the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool can take extra time, but it’s not a disaster. Visit this website Click the Download Tool button. Save MediaCreationTool20H2.exe File on the desktop. Once the download is complete – it may take a while depending on your internet speed at home – double click on it to start the process.

Microsoft will accept the license agreement for the new software, and then the tool will run some tests on your computer to make sure everything is compatible with the Windows 10 October update. When done, select the option “Create installation media (USB flash drive, DVD or ISO file) for another computer and press” Next “.

The tool will select the computer language and many other important settings based on what you already use on your computer, so you do not need to worry about them. If you suddenly have the option to use Windows 10 in another language, you can change all these options by selecting the option labeled “Use recommended options for this PC”.

Click “Next” and you will be prompted to save all important ISO files to a folder of your choice. Microsoft will then download everything you need for the installation, which may take some time. When done, burn it to your DVD or USB drive to run the installation process on your computer (s).

The Windows 10 October update is not the biggest update to the desktop operating system. In fact, Microsoft was forced to delay many features because these were not ready in a timely manner. However, there are some significant improvements. First, there is the new Start menu.

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Windows 10 has been available for half a decade now, but at that time, Microsoft did not touch the look of the Start menu. This makes sense – after all, the Start Menu is one of the most important features of the operating system because it acts as the primary gateway for applications installed locally on your computer, files stored locally or in the cloud.

With Windows 10, Microsoft found one of the most common complaints with earlier versions of the operating system, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, and killed the fullscreen list of apps in favor of the traditional pop-up menu. But now, five years after the global launch of Windows 10, it looks like Microsoft is ready to make some changes to the Start menu. Fortunately, the company has returned to the catastrophic fullscreen look we experienced with Windows 8, however, it now offers a much cleaner start menu with a translucent background that slowly blurs your desktop background image – or any of the window apps you need to run when you start the pop-up menu.

Microsoft, known as Fluent Design, is slowly bringing this smoother look to more and more of its applications and icons. Speaking of icons, it will be less busy compared to the previous design. The icons are located in the middle of the tiles with a translucent open space around the edges – instead of filling the entire square you can see previous repetitions of the Windows 10 Start menu.

Windows 10 Update New Features Microsoft October Update Start Downloading Now

Microsoft Edge uses the same basic code as Google Chrome – the most popular browser on earth (Image: Microsoft)

Don’t worry, live tiles will still be a part of the design. This is one of the trademark features of the latest version of Windows and creates new emails, headlines and weather updates on the small icon in the Start menu – so you don’t have to click to open specific apps to find out what you need to know.

If you are interested in customization, Microsoft now allows you to add accent color to jazz up the look of the Start menu. This color also works through the taskbar and Action Center in Windows 10 systems.

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Elsewhere, the Windows 10 October update adds the option to increase the update rate of your display directly from the settings menu, rather than digging into the complete settings menu sent with your graphics card software. Announcements now have a small application logo, so you can find out which application is competing at a glance for your attention. Microsoft has pushed the announcement when using Windows 10 in tablet mode.

The final change will appeal to those who use Microsoft Edge as their primary web browser. Launched earlier this year, the new Microsoft Edge may share its name with Windows 10, the worst application launched five years ago, but they are generic. Built from the ground up using the same chromium codebase that powers the Google Chrome browser, Microsoft Edge has a removable design, fast performance and compatibility with all Chrome extensions, web applications and more It was a bold move, but seems to have paid off handsomely.

Microsoft Edge is now the second most popular web browser on the planet… However, it still exists Comfortable Behind Google Chrome.

With the October 10 update of Windows, the new web browser is further integrated into the desktop operating system. For example, if you fit websites into your taskbar, hovering over the icon will bring up previews of all the tabs you have open for that site. Not only that, but the Windows 10 October update changes how Alt-Tape switching between windows works. Not only can you zip through open apps, individual tabs opened on the Edge will appear in that view. So, you can quickly switch between two open edge tabs and the Word document by clearing the same Alt-tab shortcut on your keyboard. Simple.