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How to add your QR code to Apple Wallet

It was announced by the President on July 12, 2021 A health pass will be requested at the entrance of public places, Businesses or companies that welcome vulnerable people.

You will then find two solutions: Draw or use your paper document certifying that you have been vaccinated QR code for TousAntiCovid application. Aren’t these two methods right for you? If you have an iPhone, we have another solution for you.

Health pass in Apple wallet, it is possible

Of the Apple apps already installed on the iPhone, Wallet is undoubtedly one of the most practical on a daily basis. This application, formerly known as Passbook, is a digital wallet.

This makes it possible to group cards, plane or train tickets, transportation tickets, hotel bookings, movie tickets, fare cards, fiduciary cards and even some countries together. Official documents such as identity card or driver’s license.

In some European countries, the card that displays the QR code of the Apple Wallet Health Pass can also be accommodated. Unfortunately, in France, the government does not allow this manipulation and probably encourages the use of French. l’application TousAntiCovid.

But nothing is possible, other services allow Create a Health Pass Card in Apple Wallet. Because we are good, we give you the method to do it.

How To Create A Health Pass Card In Apple Wallet

To successfully integrate the HealthPass card into Apple Wallet, two steps are required. The first is to retrieve the QR code and the second is to import it into the wallet via a third-party service.

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Collect the Health Pass

So the first step is to collect your European Health Pass. You can choose to take a photo of the document given after your vaccination where your QR code will appear.

If you have been vaccinated for several months, the first documents do not have the QR code, but this method will not work because the 2D-DOC format does not work here.

If you are in this situation, Go to the Amelie website to retrieve your certificate. You will receive a QR code on the top right of your certificate. You must photograph it by zooming in on the QR code. If retrieving the certificate on mobile, take a screen shot.

There you have it, the first successful step.

Create an Apple Wallet Card

Once your QR code is retrieved, go to the Apple Wallet Card Generation Service. According to the US, Govindpass is a very interesting solution Because it is accessible from any browser. Also, the data is not uploaded to the server and the source code is publicly available.

Here’s how to create an Apple Wallet Card with Covit Pass:

  • Appointment On the Govtpass website
  • Choose a photo of your QR code
  • Choose a background (this will be the color of your map)
  • Accept the general terms of use
  • Is valid

There you go, Get your Apple Wallet card in your digital wallet! You can add other cards, for example one for each family member. These are available in the same order as your health pass card. If you have an Apple Watch, this card is definitely accessible directly on your wrist. So isn’t life beautiful?

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