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How to access your Onedrive account?

How to access your Onedrive account?

OneDrive Allows easy storage and access of documents from any computer or device with Internet access. It is an online storage system associated with the Microsoft Office 365 account.

There are times when users need to access OneDrive when they are not sitting in front of their computer. Also, they may need to access the OneDrive file that is not synced to their computer. To help them in these situations, Microsoft provides access to OneDrive from any web browser.

How to access OneDrive?

To access OneDrive online, you need to go to the site Once logged in, click on OneDrive to access the folders and online storage. On this page, you have to do Choose the new one Create a new file or download a web link to your OneDrive account.

How to use OneDrive on PC?

OneDrive works under Windows 10. You have to Search via Cortana Or by clicking on the Windows icon. You will need to sign in with Ursinus credentials. If there is no connection request, it is necessaryOpen OneDrive on PC And select the blue cloud icon.

In the Settings section, you will need to sign in with Ursinus Certificates. If syncing OneDrive with a Ursinus account still does not work, contact support.

If the user does not have Windows 10, he must Sign in to Office 365 and download the OneDrive app ( Then click on the OneDrive app. Then, select “Get OneDrive Applications” in the lower left corner of the screen. Note that the OneDrive – Ursinus College utility will appear in Favorites when the user clicks Windows Explorer on the taskbar after downloading.

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How to access OneDrive on mobile device?

To do this, justInstall OneDrive And sign in with Ursinus credentials. It is now possible to view the files or download them again.