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How powerful is the steam base?  Tests of YouTuber with PC with similar specifications

How powerful is the steam base? Tests of YouTuber with PC with similar specifications

Then Transformed the GameCube into a modern gaming PC, Content creator ETA Prime tried to discover the true power of the steam deck by integrating a gaming PC with similar specifications to test its performance.

In his recent in-depth study dedicated to the Wolverine portable console, YouTuber is famous for its highlights from retrocomming and performance of specialized technology devices. Steam deck hardware specifications To add a computer powered by the AMD APU Gen2 processor and RDNA2 graphics.

Appropriate underclocking and RAM memory optimization interventions powered by SteamTech and its hardware can set your computer’s specifications APU a 4 core e 8 thread, So ETA has conducted experiments with titles such as Prime Skyrim, Fortnight, GTA 5, Doom Eternal, Jenshin Impact and Cyberbank 2077.

The results of his experiments are truly inspiring: thanks to the infinite configuration options accessible in the PC environment, YouTube has proven the potential of the latest AMD solutions with integrated graphics. CPU Raison. Content creator demonstrates how a “comparable” PC gaming to SteamTech is capable of reaching 30fps in video games running 720p resolution. Valve indicated framerate Home base of steam baseHowever, it can be easily overcome by selecting the graphic parameters to be achieved Framerate 60fps and above.

The only doubt expressed by the content creator was the steam deck DTP and, more precisely, the parameter indicated by the valve 15 watts Energy required to operate the console: According to YouTube, it rarely operates at the frequencies indicated by Deck’s APU specifications, which is the cost of energy and the resulting heat emitted. However, tests on SteamTech’s “dual” system do not take into account the performance boost guaranteed by Wolverine’s portable console in well use. 16GB LPDTR5 RAM memory.

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For more information aboutHardware And Function We invite you to read us on Wall’s new hybrid site Specializes in steam deck between doubts and certainties.