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How perfect is the right TV to fully enjoy the Euro 2021 matches

How perfect is the right TV to fully enjoy the Euro 2021 matches

Euro 2021: How to choose the right TV? – 20 minutes

  • Euro 2021 starts on June 11: the perfect opportunity to replace your aging TV with a sophisticated model.
  • Beyond the budget we set, technical criteria must be taken into account.
  • By focusing specifically on the large 100 Hz screen with good viewing, the matches gain intensity and realism.

Just a few more weeks before it startsEuro 2021. From June 11, football fans will no doubt be stuck on their televisions and fail to see themselves in the arenas. For many, this event is an opportunity
New screen, Bigger, more immersed… more football! But how to choose it? Otherwise, the budget we promised not to violate,
Technical criteria The Holy Grail of television should not be neglected to win. 20 minutes Invited two experts in this field to support you in your choices.

Football evenings and reunions with Euro 2021 from June 11. – LG

Play in the big league!

Don’t hesitate anymore, thanks to UHD / 4K TVs you can play on the court with large image sizes from 55 inches. To Frank Lautoir, Editor-in-Chief of the audio / video site, “The bigger the better!” “Thanks to hyper-defined LCD or OLED screens, this is the end of the story of the required distance between the viewer and the TV.” This is also the opportunity for the wall to shift.

100 Hz, otherwise nothing

If one has a game on the screen and a round ball (but also in video games), nothing beats a TV set with a 100 Hz panel. “This is an essential criterion,” said Gilles Gerrin, a journalist with the monthly magazine Laser years. Explanations: “This figure refers to the team’s ability to display 100 images per second. Since the viewed source is at 50 Hz, the 100 Hz TV set will double the refresh rate of the images. Warning: This is only valid for LCD TVs, as OLEDs permanently fix all issues with the updated panel. And Contradiction:
“Official” television Euro HighSense ULED U7 Model… Only 50 Hz!

Hissense LED TV U7, the official TV of the Euro.
Hissense LED TV U7, the official TV of the Euro. – Handle

Viewing angle: as wide as possible

We rarely watch a game alone. As a group, those on the pages of the TV lose the quality of the film. “The quality is optimal at 90 when you face the screen. As we move away, there are light leaks, the image fades, the black level rises and we lose color intensity, ”explains Gilles Jerin.

No angle issues with OLED TVs.
No angle issues with OLED TVs. – LG

The solution? Treat yourself to a TV with an IPS panel (Switching on the plane) Or V.A. (Vertical alignment). Problem: This is never marked on the data sheets. “A test in the store makes it possible to check,” advises the laser years journalist. Note: Here again, OLED TVs do not face these issues.

OLED, correct, yes but …

As we have seen, televisions You are No problem updating their panel or viewing the angle. On the other hand, their panel often has the effect of a mirror: you can see yourself inside! “Large OLED screen, dazzling. You need to find the best location where you can face the window, ”explains Frank Ladoir of In addition, these TVs are constantly plagued by minor branding issues, such as the ghost trail of the channel logo being watched for a long time and never fading.

OLED displays nurture real blacks.
OLED displays nurture real blacks. – Panasonic

“This phenomenon is constantly evolving,” notes the author of, “but we do not over-recommend OLED TVs Gamers : Video games are on the HDR, and they create very intense light points, which are complex ”.

Dolby Vision and Company?

Compatible TVs H.D.R. Dolby Vision is believed to provide increased image quality. But according to Frank Lodeauer, “it should be remembered that a television is more efficient than image processing, while HDR and Dolby Vision functions are less important”. Effect: If you buy a premium TV, its video processing will be very basic and you do not need to have these standards. According to the author of, “Dolby Vision is the most attractive of the HDR entry level and intermediate products. On premium TVs, this is much lower.

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