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How to speed up voice messages on WhatsApp: New function

I Voice messages, The blessing of today’s messaging applications. Sending short communications in the blink of an eye is awesome, especially if you are in a hurry or you are too busy to write, they are scary when it comes from a friend or the group’s most talkative friend.

பகிரி, With its new messages coming straight from the beta channel, it has taken a decisive step to make everyday life more consistent for those targeted by long or super long voice messages. In fact, it is possible for a few hours Speed ​​up the background of the voice message, Sent or received, in the simplest manner. Competitive applications such as Telegram have been offering this possibility for some time and are not a complete novelty, but Share, This is nothing new, she wants to go at a slower pace by inserting messages that are created in the right way, when they are sure they can do better.

Quick background of WhatsApp biographies

Speed ​​up the voice message Share, As mentioned, it Very simple: If you tap the play button to start the playback, that voice message will be replaced by the sender’s WhatsApp profile picture indicator “1X”, Which indicates that the playback is going at normal speed.

This new gray background note patch switches to 1.5x playback, the second palette 2x, That’s itListening at double speed. Finally, with the third drive you will return to normal speed 1x playback.

This is the least iOS In context, the message seems to have been distributed to a good number of WhatsApp users Android The output appears to continue at a slower pace. According to the information available to us, WhatsApp goes hand in hand with publishing a quick reproduction of characters WhatsApp Web, A Facebook subsidiary application for PC and Mac.

It seems that Version An application that introduces the rapid movement of characters and numbers to Android Standard channel, number for iOS Report in both changelog (news list) “Now you can hear voice messages at different speeds by activating them with the 1x / 1.5x / 2x keys while the message is playing.”

Fast playback visit and how to get it

The fast playback of the characters was first introduced in the WhatsApp beta, a channel for those who want to preview the news coming to everyone at the expense of some instability of the service, then withdrawn and finally redone Available to everyone Users of the beta service.

Finally, in these hours, Share Has decided to give everyone this important step in managing conversations, which can sometimes be very useful – especially in large groups.

To get it You need to check for updates for the WhatsApp app. Doing so is very easy again: on iOS you just need to open the App Store and touch the item Processor Scroll down the opening page until you see pending updates; On Android you need to open the Play Store, tap your photo on the top right, then Manage application and device Also check out the list of apps waiting for updates here.

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