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Filming for the Lost of S series will begin in July and run for a year

Filming for the Lost of S series will begin in July and run for a year

Representatives from HBO and PlayStation Productions have not commented on the report, but Jason Kenny, the Prime Minister of Alberta. Triggered Immediate shooting of the largest production in its soil on Wednesday. “It will be the largest production for film or television in Canadian history.“The state of Alberta, which is currently in high demand, has already provided for its landscapes,” he said.Le Secret de Brockback Mountain, Revenant, Galaxy, The beginning, Myths of the Fall Or the first season of the series Barco.

Naughty Dog was written by Saga’s creative director Neil Truckman and series author Craig Masin. Chernobyl, Series Last for us Sometimes based on the adventures of Joel and Ellie by taking dialogues directly from the game, but sometimes deviating completely from the latter, the series has the business of focusing on the dramatic dimension of the characters rather than the proliferation of action scenes. . Point Pedro Pascal (Game of Thrones, MandalorianBella Ramsay while Joel is playing (Game of Thrones, Amand’s stool) Camping Ellie. Composer Gustavo Santolla will also be on hand to set the familiar musical atmosphere.

Remember that is an adaptation of history Unmarked The movie with Tom Holland is expected to hit theaters on February 11, 2022, just months before the series’ shooting ends. Last for us.

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