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When is the 2000 year old “first computer” mystery finally revealed?

A portion of the antigithera mechanism was exhibited in 2014 at the Archaeological Museum of Athens.

CResearchers around the world are amazed Antikythera mechanism. This machine, invented by Divers in 1901, is considered to be the world’s first analog computer … 2,000 years ago. Today, scientists at the World University of London (UCL), globally recognized for its academic prowess, believe they have solved the mystery of this pioneering computational object. Finally an area. Before doing so with ancient techniques, they began to create a replica of the device with modern methods Defender, Friday, March 12th.

This astronomical calculator can show the motion of the universe and predict the motion of the five planets known at the time, but also the phases of the moon and solar and lunar eclipses.

Brass, Cokewheels, Dials …

Discovered in the middle of a treasure recovered from a merchant ship that crashed off the Greek island of Antigua, this supercomputer is made up of 30 pieces of damaged brass and brass cokewheels attached to dials and pointers. However, two-thirds of the structure was not found. After decades of academic work, scientists have concluded that this discovery is indeed a masterpiece of mechanical engineering.

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