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How can I set up a ticktick profile and create a clip?

How can I set up a ticktick profile and create a clip?

How it works in the beginning

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How can I set up a ticktick profile and create a clip?

Publishing your own clips on Dictoc is not rocket science.

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TickTalk is now one of the most popular social media apps. Entering the world of short video is very easy.

The popular DickTalk social media site is all about short videos. Within minutes, new users can set up a profile and share their first clip. A short introduction for everyone who wants to see.

Download and set up your profile

First, interested smartphone users need to download the app. Tick ​​Tock is available on Apple’s App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store. After opening the app, users can select the registration method, for example by email, and initialize their preferred content.

Under the Profile menu item, new users can tap “Edit Profile”. Here, users can save a profile photo, describe themselves in a short biography, or change their names. Users can find a user under the username marked. The other name that can be changed will be displayed on the profile. The username can also be changed, but only once every 30 days.

My first clip

To create their own video, users need to tap the “+” icon below. Here you can use existing content from the smartphone library or record a completely new video. There are countless options to customize the content to your own taste using items like “effects” or “filters”. Additionally, users can add sound to a clip and search and select it through the associated submenu.

After tapping the tick, users can make additional changes such as inserting text or stickers. For texts, users can determine the color and font, among other things. If you pull the whole thing big with two fingers or squeeze it together, the size will change. The logo or text can be moved to another location with your finger. The last settings can be done under “Next” before uploading the clip with “Publish”. For example, users can add a description to the video here.

Find funny videos

To find funny or interesting clips, the first contact is the feed “for you”, which users can find under “Home”. The application here always recommends new clips to match the user’s preferences. Among other things, the system adjusts recommendations based on what other users you follow, what interests you mentioned earlier, and which videos you liked. Users can search for content, other users or sounds under “Discover”.

Source: You can easily Like by tapping the heart symbol on a clip. You can follow other users by tapping their profile picture and then “Follow”.

How it works in the beginning

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