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Hot Wheels Unleashed

Hot Wheels Unleashed invites you to race on the Nintendo Switch

To close the month of September Nintendo eShopThe brand’s most popular small cars Hot wheels Will come Nintendo-Switch. Created by MilestoneA studio that specializes in racing games, The hot wheels were unleashed Truly recreates the world of these little toys that mark our childhood. Since 1968, nothing has stopped cars Hot wheels It has sold nearly eight billion copies worldwide.

The game gives you control over the different cars of the brand. It will be hard to choose from almost 65 models to open as you progress. The collection aspect will be taken into account with the intention of getting them all. In addition, the vehicles can be customized to bring its small foot into car production.

It is possible to drive a Batmobile on the tracks of Hot Wheels Unleashed. Almost 65 ways to play with so many possibilities!

Hot Wheels Unleashed allows you to create your own tracks

It has not only editable cars, but also a labeled mode for the title Track Builder This will make your building ability work. This gives you the opportunity to create your own rounds with the same process that the development teams had at their disposal to create the game. Thus looping and adding various obstacles makes the race even more exciting. Enough to take advantage of the choice of unlimited circuits already provided by various organizations such as the abandoned garage, the skyscraper under construction, the university campus and the skateboard. You can play with your friends on split screen or online multiplayer with up to 12 players in two local multiplayers. The hot wheels were unleashed Available in Physics Edition and Nintendo eShop Priced at 49 € 99 and occupies 5.9GB of memory Nintendo-Switch.

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Game Release trailer

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