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Gorilla DualSense PS5 - Talks about

Horizon Forbidden West, water technology took many years to develop – Nert 4.Life

In Harrison Forbidden West There will be enough space dedicatedWater, One of the key findings of this chapter is to accurately introduce this element as a possible structure that can be explored in depth, and this is an aspect that is clearly needed Years of development.

It must be reported Director Mathiez de Jong In an interview with GQ, Gorilla Games focused on this particular issue: “Our engineers have spent incredible amounts of time regulating water and waves,” he explained, “and they may have spent a few years on this feature.”

In the Horizon Forbidden West, water yields play a particular role

In addition to the basic technique for water yield, much attention has been paid to creation Backgrounds, Based on the submerged and sponge-filled ruins of San Francisco. All of this helps to give Horizon a certain seal to the Forbidden West, which finds a characteristic element in the underwater sections.

The alloy can finally Swim underwater In the new chapter, the series determines new game situations and introduces additional challenges such as aquatic enemies and missions that need to be carried out somewhat on the surface of the ocean. Some of these elements were shown during the recent State of Play with the banned Westin game by Harrison, and were particularly impressed with the graphic quality.

For the rest, we are waiting for the release date for Horizon Banned West, in which Hermann Hulst said the release could not be confirmed in 2021, even if it was the goal. It was also revealed that it will go at 60fps on the PS5 with performance mode.

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