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Video comparison between resolution and frame-rate PS5 vs Xbox Series X – Nerdu 4. Life

Outer Riders YouTube channel VGTech already has its first technical analysis Comparison Versions PS5, Xbox Series XE Xbox Series S. basically Resolution and frame rate, Trying to understand whether one site has benefits over another.

In fact, they emerge Great results for everyone And three consoles, compared to what was revealed in the first analysis of the demo, demonstrates that the final version significantly improved how people can fly, some of them Differences Distributed on both sides with advantages and disadvantages.

Basically, the Xbox Series X has a question Benefit In terms of resolution, the PS5 seems to have a slightly better system filtering system, but the performance is practically the same on both consoles, while it also performs very well on the Xbox Series S Outriders.

More specifically, the PS5 uses one Dynamic resolution Maximum 3008×1692 to minimum 1920×1080, the latter resolution is rarely seen. The Xbox Series XX uses dynamic resolution ranging from 3456×1944 to at least 1920×1080, but the latter value is particularly rare in the Microsoft console, which is less common than the PS5.

In both cases, the game makes a temporary improvement to achieve 4K resolution, i.e. 3840×2160, but the resolution Native is usually high On the Xbox Series X and PS5. According to VGTech’s findings, the latter has better system filtering.

The Xbox Series S uses a dynamic resolution of a maximum of 1920×1080 to a minimum of 1280×720, with the latter value appearing very rarely.

The frame-rate is practically solid 60 FPS, With an average frame rate (average value calculated by dropping the total frames detected) is 59.96 for the PS5 and 59.95 for the Xbox Series X and Series S. Same values On three platforms. To find out more about the aides waiting for review, we mention the first hour of the game.

Outdiders believe in the first analysis of VGTech, with solid performance on all next gen platforms