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Ronaldo's download of Soulscare is viral

Ronaldo’s download of Soulscare is viral

Late night at Manchester United. I Red demons In fact we are back from three knockouts in their last four Premier League games and a humiliating 5-0 defeat to Liverpool – i Red They finished the first 45 minutes 4-0 – further complicating Soulscare’s position as his permanence on the English club’s bench had already been severely questioned. Serious defeat against Klopp’s gang risks leaving significant repercussions.

“Conte ready to replace Soulscare at United”

The gestures went viral after CR7 and Salah’s goal

Meanwhile, images of Cristiano Ronaldo shaking hands with one of Salah’s three goals in a “mocking” manner have gone viral on social media. The former Joe moves his hands from side to side as a sign of discouragement. It is not yet clear who he referred to: some argue that he was angry with Solskare for his desire to attack Liverpool, while others were angry with his defenders, while another hypothesis supports the thesis, according to which his teammate and compatriot Bruno Bernucci was found guilty of making a number of mistakes. Who he really was with remains a mystery, however, despite Soulscare accepting all the blame for the defeat against Liverpool, Cristiano Ronaldo wanted to apologize to his fans. Red demons For severe failure and through social media he wrote: “Sometimes that’s not the decision we struggle with. Sometimes the score is not what we want. This is our responsibility, ours alone, because there is no one else to blame. Our fans are amazing again in continuing to support us. They deserve a lot more than that, and it’s time to give it to them. The time is now“.

Cristiano Ronaldo loses head: Bad gesture and close fight against Liverpool!

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Soulscare: “Rock Bottom”