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Honor Year 5 Season 1's Asunder with In-Game event was announced on March 11th

Honor Year 5 Season 1’s Asunder with In-Game event was announced on March 11th

Ubisoft announced yesterday that For Honor Year 5 Season 1, Asunder will be released on March 11th. Honor has over 25 million players worldwide and is available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One family of devices, Windows PC and Ubisoft + subscription service Ubisoft. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X using backward compatibility Honor also operates in S.

To begin Year 5, Asunder continues the story curve that was introduced to the world of For Honor in Year 4. The ongoing war continues to infuriate the soldiers of the Simera Alliance and the order of Harkos against each other. Asunder, however, represents a great deal of time for the fighters as they enjoy the festivities within their respective alliances.

A time-limited sporting event called the Horcos Masquerade will begin on March 11th. It offers a new 4v4 game mode called Carousel of Horcos, in which you can demonstrate the Order of Hercos. In addition, a free event pass will be introduced for the duration of the event, which requires the completion of 30 levels.

Along with this event, Year 5 Season 1 Asunder Guardian features new armor variations and weapons during the season, more events for the game, a battle pass and a battle bundle, brand new emotions and weapons, executions, effects and more. Additional details about Year 5 Season 1 were released on Warriors Ten Livestream at 6:00 pm yesterday. On the GMT + 1 For Honor Twitch channel Revealed.