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Aliens: FireTeam, 25 minute shared game

Aliens: FireTeam, 25 minute shared game

At the beginning of the week, Cold Iron Studios Published Aliens: FireTeam, a co-op third party shooter Who will ask to face the groups Xénomorphes Slander. The title is already reminiscent Left 4 dead, And IGN Shared for 25 minutes Sports, Find out in the video here:

In these long minutes, we see Craig Gingivich and Matt Higgins Cold Iron Studios With journalist Ryan McCaffreyIGN, Takes great pleasure in shooting at the dozens of foreigners rushing towards them. Opportunity to find out Interface, The Sports, Some classes that can be played and even combat variant Genomorp, A monster stands on its two legs, much more powerful and harder than small reptiles. The row aboveUSS attempt, In orbit around கட்டங்கா, When a group Colonial Marines Coming to the rescue After receiving a distress signal. Armor and weapons will be recognized directly by the fans from the owner, in particularAliens, Even if the title happens after 23 years Alien3, And from a distance LV-426.

As a reminder, Aliens: FireTeam is expected in the summer of 2021 PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. You can find four types of images here 24.99 Amazon With Steel book.

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