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HomePod: New software with support for 15.2 Apple Music Voice subscription

HomePod: New software with support for 15.2 Apple Music Voice subscription

Like me, everyone who relied on music and podcast playback via Apple’s HomePot (Mini) can now expect the new software version. Now the first v15.2 is available for download and installation, which brings some awesome new features.

Apple has updated HomePod software at the same time as iOS and iPadOS 15.2, and now offers downloads on its own Home app. To update HomePods, tap the home icon in the upper left corner of the screen, then go to “Home Settings”. Updates for the smart speaker provided by Apple should be listed under “Software Update”. If you integrated HomePod into Quick Access on the Home Apps Startup page, an update icon will appear on the tile. During the update, a white rotating light will illuminate the top of the HomePod – avoid disconnecting the speaker from the voltage at this time.

Apple Music Voice can only be used with Siri

With version 15.2 of HomePod software, Apple has now integrated support for the new Apple Music Voice subscription. Apple says, “Software version 15.2 supports the Apple Music Voice program, which is a new subscription for accessing music via Siri.” In Germany, Apple Music Voice is available for 4. 4.99 a month and allows usage. Apple Music exclusively via Siri Voice Assistant. Lossless audio, lyrics, music videos and many more are not included in the voice subscription. More details are available Website From Apple.

With the update, Siri voice recognition has also been expanded to add new languages, so HomePods can now be used in even more languages. According to Apple, the update also includes performance and stability improvements for smart speakers.

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