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Homebrew with native Apple Silicon backing

Homebrew with native Apple Silicon backing

Package management Homebrew, often used by power managers and developers, has encountered a problem since the appearance of Apple-Silicon: it does not run naturally on these computers. Now the developers have taken remedial action and released the M1-compatible version. But the problems do not stop there.

The Homebrew blog says that third-party assistance in making packages themselves M1-compliant is most welcome.

The package manager shows which sites the binary packages are delivered to and whether they are supported by Homebrew. Should more packages actually run by default, which would be a huge benefit to the new Apple operating system. Not only is the ability to run Windows missing, Apple believes it is primarily dependent on Microsoft.

The Homebrew team, which was openly provided by Apple Silicon hardware, has openly thanked Apple for their support. They know the value of the software and what it means if it is not sent to ARM.

The Package management It is licensed under the PSD License and is also known as the Windows Support System for Windows under Linux and Windows as Linux (WSL). Other, minor innovations are found in the release notes.

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Have you used Homebrew before? What motives have you identified for yourself? Comments like these can help many users use their Mac more effectively – so go ahead!