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Home Training Without Tools: Free Download The Programs Of Personal Trainer Maricio Flasconi

Mauricio Falasconi, a CDS member of Azovagan, is a personal trainer with more than 20 years of experience. To fit even in this moment when gyms are closed, it has recently offered users two free training programs for beginners and professionals.

Maricio Falconi Tertiary FIPE (Italian Weightlifting Federation) Personal Training Master with over 20 years of experience. Coach and Athlete Coach FIGC (Italian Football Federation), Teacher, Coach, Speaker, New Associated Science and Technology Group. He recently decided to share two of his social channels Free four-week training programs, Designed for anyone who wants to train at home without tools. Here is what he told us about this endeavor!

“Start Moving” and “Improve Your Exercise” are the exercises you found online: What are they and for whom are they designed?

Let’s start by saying that both programs have no specific health issues, last four weeks and dual support: on the one hand there is a PDF file showing different parts of the program and how to proceed in weeks; Each exercise is accompanied by a demonstration video. “Start Moving” is aimed at people of any age, who do not do any physical activity or who have been around for some time. Targeting a few more experienced people instead of “improving your workouts” they want to tackle a well-structured training program, but also easy to do at home. In fact, these are free physical programs that do not require any special equipment; Each workout lasts about 30 minutes and I recommend training at least 3 times a week, but for those who are more experienced each day. Keep in mind that it is important to gradually increase the level of any physical activity so that the body does not adapt to the stimulus and can get improvements over time. Both of these programs are designed to gradually increase in intensity over four weeks.

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How and where can you download your programs?

It is very easy, just fill out a form on the site, To receive one of the two programs directly in your email box, indicates the size of your training. Attention, because emails are often referred to as spam: check carefully in various folders! If desired, by link You can access a page with two “buttons”: on the one hand you can dedicate the workout and on the other hand the videos uploaded on my YouTube channel for fitness.

After these four weeks?

I am already working on starting two training programs, always targeting beginners and specialists, this method will last 8 or 12 weeks. They are all affordable and will be training for increased intensity – not available for anyone who wants to do physical activity, even at home, small or equipment.

Thanks to your excellent expertise, you are part of the new Azovagan Technological Science team: What does this opportunity mean to you?

For many years I was the chairman of Azovagan’s CDS sports team, and we made some interesting efforts to talk about nutrition and sports. I am delighted to be a member of the new team representing the sports world.

Let’s talk about nutrition and sports: What would you answer to those who are skeptical about the potential of being a vegetarian?

Whatever food you choose, the important thing is that it respects the individual’s nutritional needs. Even at high levels, there is no scientific evidence to prove the incompatibility of plant-based diets with sports activities. A balanced plant-based diet is perfectly suited for those who train the sport, however it is not possible to establish a priori that will improve performance during training. What is scientifically proven is that it has benefits to public health. So, the question to ask is, why is an athlete not a vegetarian, but – given this scientific evidence – why he is not.

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Gyms have been closed for a year. Any advice – other than your free plans – for home training?

You can start by saying that training at home is possible, but it all depends on what kind of results you want to achieve. To maintain a state of physical health, without specific improvements, you can always do the same workout over time: you will get the benefits of movement in the general state of health. The situation is different for those who want to improve any parameter related to strength, endurance or heart capacity: in this case it is necessary to have the improvement of the stimulus, and the free body requires more advanced skills. My advice is to follow well-structured training programs that take these features into account.

Click on the link to download the training program that suits you for free:

Access the Weight Training Program

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