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Home Mini: WiFi disconnections fixed for iOS 14.4

Home Pot Apple IconFrom the first day the homepot mini was available, many owners of Apple’s small speaker complained that it was disconnected. If many customers around the world were trying to understand their ISP, it was actually a problem with the OS developed for HomePot Mini. After waiting more than a month, Apple developers (apparently) have definitely fixed the anomaly.


The problem has disappeared since it was updated last night

We can’t say it’s enough, but it is Important Install the latest updates for every Apple device you have in your home (and even competing brands). Upgrading to newer software versions Stability, But come up with Corrections This can sometimes cause a revolution when your daily use is disrupted by an error.
Since the launch of the Home Pot Mini, there have been support forums Invaded Apple complained that customers continued to say that Siri could not connect to the Internet.

Home Pot Mini Test Makshat

Apple customers have been searching for weeks … is this a question that should be prioritized? 2.4 GHz WiFi card More than 5 GHz? Is this a W-Fi security issue? A WPA2 specific Was it recommended? Some have spent hours with this story!

Finally, this is actually a misnomer Software Home Pot Mini. Since Cupertino proposed iOS 14.4 last night, users will no longer experience disconnecting WiFi from their portable connected speaker. Not to mention the popular phrase that Sri is no longer connected to the internet.

How do I update my HomePot Mini?

To view the new firmware, you must first Update your iPhone.
Run its settings, then navigate General And Software update. There, iOS 14.4 version will be patiently waiting for you, you just need to download and install it!

Once you have updated your precious, go to the app House. You have to tap the icon representing a house above the words Monday Immigration (Written in large size in the upper left corner).
A menu opens, you have to press Housing systems. At the top of the list you will see the “Software Update” (with 1 in red) access.
Here you can start the download and upgrade your Homepot Mini. It will restart and work after 3 to 4 minutes.


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