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GitHub Reinstalls YouTube Download Program - Tech Crunch

GitHub Reinstalls YouTube Download Program – Tech Crunch

GitHub Breaking the downgrade sequence, Strava raises a big round and Moderna says the COVID-19 vaccine promises results. This is your daily crisis for November 16, 2020.

The big story: GitHub reinstalls the YouTube download program

In October, the Recording Industry Association of America sent a TMCA complaint to GitHub about a project called YouTube-DL, which allows viewers to download YouTube videos for offline viewing. According to the trade group, both YouTube-DL are DRM. Beyond that, in its documentation, it encouraged the theft of many popular songs.

However, the Electronic Frontier Foundation sent a letter to GitHub criticizing RIAA’s argument and, among other things, misrepresenting how the YouTube-DL code actually works.

In response, GitHub retrieved the project code. It also says it will review how to handle future downgrade notices, in response to the new $ 1 million developer protection fund and the technical and legal review of future claims filed under Section 1201 of the TMCA.

Technology giants

You can now embed Apple podcasts on the web – Apple makes it easy to find and listen to podcasts over the web.

Apple’s IDFA Strategy Targets EU Privacy Complaints – Complaints lodged with German and Spanish data protection authorities allege that Apple’s IDFA setting violates regional privacy laws.

Spotify adds a built-in podcast playlist creation tool called ‘Your Episodes’ – this feature allows you to bookmark individual episodes from any podcast and then add them to the new “Your Episodes” playlist.

Startups, Finance and Venture Capital

Strava M raises 110 million, raising the growth rate to 2 million new users per month by 2020 – Strava already has 70 million members, according to the company, in 195 countries worldwide.

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Adds support for Squarespace membership and paid content – New member areas of Squarespace allow businesses to charge for access to exclusive content.

Computer Vision Startup Scores M 20M Series A – hopes to help companies follow computer vision more broadly.

Advice and analysis from additional crisis

Will EDEC improve or eliminate the need for higher education? – Campuses are closed, games are suspended, understandably, students do not want to pay the same education for a part of the service.

Three growth tricks that surpass Noom and Weight Supervisors – Over the past year, nutritional utilization has gained Lifesum users twice as fast as Noom and Weight Supervisors. Opening IPO Filing – C3 is in really good financial shape, generating steady software revenue and making money in a few quarters.

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Everything else

Moderna reports that its Covid-19 vaccine is 94.5% effective in the first data from the Phase 3 test – following the speed with which Pfizer announced its COVID-19 vaccine efficacy, Moderna also shares positive results from its Phase 3 test.

HBO Max comes on Amazon Fire TV devices – as part of the new deal, HBO subscribers on Amazon will be able to use the HBO Max app at an additional cost.

Original Content Podcast: ‘The Vow’ gives a confusing look at NXIVM worship – a fascinating documentary blocked by some unfortunate storytelling choices.

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