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Hollow Infinite shows the many nuances of the Zeta ring |  Xbox One

Hollow Infinite: Streets Multiplayer Map Released Under New Mombasa’s Neon Lights | Xbox One

We are fast approaching the exit point The halo is infinite And when a Initial access The game was spotted at the Microsoft Store this morning, with 343 Industries releasing a new surprise. That’s a week later Campaign game, The studio provides us with an overview of the “Streets” map in video with IGN.

La map type du mode arena

As its name implies, Streets provides access to the streets of New Mombasa. 343 describes the map as very small in multiplayer, which is why it works well with Arena Mode 4 vs 4. Aside from its design, it will definitely evoke nostalgia among fans Hollow 3: ODST, Streets wants to be an engagement-promoting map: Gayle George, Lead Multiplayer Level Designer, Power Weapons are at the center of the map, causing a confrontation between the two teams, each forming at one end of it.

Strategy from the start of the game

Another parameter put forward is the importance of well-thought-out strategic choice. In fact, players must choose their hands quickly to gain power weapons or to win objectives that appear from being launched. Balconies and other interesting anchor points, especially for snipers, are on the map, so a cropping hook should be an important asset when playing multiple games on the streets.

The halo is infinite Xbox One, Xbox Series X on December 8 | Available on Steam and Microsoft Store on S and PC Xbox Game Boss . Players can then compete on the Streets Map in multiplayer mode, which is free to play, and therefore freely accessible on all platforms.

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