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Holidays: songs, to keep your kids occupied on the road?

Holidays: songs, games…how to keep your kids occupied on the road?

Hitting the road for the holidays can be synonymous with traffic jams and long commutes. It’s a good idea to plan ahead and double your imagination to keep the kids busy so they don’t get bored.

You may already be on the road or about to leave. In any case, you will be entitled to the question that all parents are entitled to: “When are we going there?”

During the journey, the wait can be long and arguments can even arise between brothers and sisters. A situation that can be avoided if you plan several activities to distract your children. Our colleagues 20 minutesHe posed the question to readers who shared their tips for making car trips a good time.

Stories and Music: The Classics

No matter how old your kids are, you can use your CD player to stream music throughout your trip. For little ones, nursery rhymes allow them to work on their memory while having fun. For teens, you can do a music “blind test.” We challenge them to enjoy the singer and the title of the music together.

Another use for your CD player: Audio Stories. Uneducated children also have the right to write stories. You can discuss what you just heard with them: get them thinking about a theme, values ​​or moral of the story you heard.

More modern, there is also Lunny. A small story box that allows children to freely listen to as many stories as they like. Thanks to a button, they can choose their hero, place, objects and who they will meet. Don’t forget to download new stories and let them make great discoveries before your trip. A practical alternative for adults if you want to enjoy your music undisturbed.

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Games: Have fun by practicing your memory

When it comes to sports, the possibilities are also plentiful. Little Baccalaureate is, orally, a great classic on the road. One player chooses a category and a letter, and each passenger must find a word that begins with the letter in question. With children who are just starting to read and have not yet mastered spelling, we choose a sound over a letter.

Another idea to pass the time: “In my suitcase, I carried”. Each traveler quotes an item he brought in his suitcase, and the next must repeat the quoted word and add his own. As the rounds progress, the game gets thicker as the list gets longer. Therefore, this activity serves as a memorial for both the young and the old.