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Did NASA find noodles on Mars?

Did NASA find noodles on Mars?

Persistence, the rover that travels to Mars to study its surface, sometimes makes strange discoveries. Recently, this little jewel of technology encountered a strange object that has yet to be identified. He never fails to capture images. The results? It looks like a round string or noodle dish, waiting to be eaten.

If there are extraterrestrial life forms, they love noodles and cook small meals of ramen between two space missions. At the risk of misleading you, the explanation would be quite different: it would actually be space debris that fell in when persistence arrived. At least, that’s what NASA suspects.

However, this is not the first time the rover has encountered space debris on its way. Futuris reportsMr. A month ago, Perseverance discovered a thermal blanket that NASA attributed to part of the jetpack, allowing it to land on the planet. About two kilometers from the point of arrival, identical debris.

Amazing views

Like this Martian noodle dish, many images taken by Diligence make us question the Red Planet’s history. Often, with our imaginations running at full speed, we try at all costs to find the quirks or clues of life.

For example, on June 12, 2022, Another incredible film inspired the fascination. We see an amazing rock formation including a stone in perfect balance on a cliff. Even better, next to it, you can see a rock with two drops of water like a snake’s head opening its mouth. In fact, it is part of an old river delta that was once inside the Jezero Basin.

Still on Mars, Another picture taken on May 7, 2022 Social media crawled. Taken by the rover Curiosity, we see a kind of cavity that can remind us of a door or even the entrance of a pyramid. Again, our imagination deceives us, it is actually a fracture in the rock, no more than 45 cm.

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