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Bordeaux patrimoine mondial

City of Bordeaux: Bordeaux’s architecture and heritage animation program is evolving

Bordeaux, a city of art and history, is expanding its heritage development activities. The Architecture and Heritage Interpretation Center (CIAP) will move to the Aquitaine Museum in September 2022.

Named A city of art and history Since 2009, Bordeaux has been promoting its exceptional heritage through several activities: field visits, residents’ awareness of architecture and the natural environment, initiation of young people in architecture and the urban landscape, quality reception of the tourist public, etc. It is precisely in this context that the Center for the Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage (CIAP) “Bordeaux World Heritage” was opened, which provides keys in an artificial way (models, images, digital) to get to know the city better. Located on the Place de la Bourse, CIAP must move (end of lease), the architecture and heritage animation service will resume its operations in September 2022 Aquitaine Museum.

Expanded heritage offer

Bordeaux has chosen to strengthen the natural connection between its urban heritage and its historical museum, in close collaboration with the Regional Department of Cultural Affairs.

From the beginning of the school year, heritage development activities continue (urban walks, heritage and heritage days, art and cultural education courses, etc.). The Architecture and Heritage Integration Service will create dialogue between the museum’s collections and urban spaces. Three new routes will be offered this fall, inside and outside the walls of the museum: in the footsteps of the 19th century in Bordeaux, the stone bridge or found the path to the ancient Roman amphitheater, where the museum is located. I welcome the impressive model.

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Heritage documents are available at the Aquitaine Museum and the Tourist Office.

Development of educational space

Promoting heritage includes many educational activities, especially within the framework of Art and Culture Education (EAC), which is the main axis of the city’s cultural policy. From autumn 2022 at the Aquitaine Museum, the “Atelier Bordeaux Patrimoine Mondial” will again welcome schoolchildren around thematic programs: workshops “Living in Bordeaux”, “A monument from A to Z”, “Draw your city” etc.

Some numbers

– In 2021, the Heritage and Heritage Days in Bordeaux brought together almost 90,000 people and mobilized 130 volunteers around a hundred sites or activities.

– Urban walks of Bordeaux World Heritage, which average 25 visits, monthly workshops from April to June and from September to November.

– Every year 4,500 pupils or students, from kindergarten to university, participate in visits and workshops offered by mediators of the Bordeaux Patrimoine Mondial.

– €80,000 is being invested by the city to relocate an adapted cultural activity workshop within the Museum of Aquitaine to ensure educational continuity.

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