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Developers want to override iOS privacy features |  Mac Life

Developers want to override iOS privacy features | Mac Life

Apple wants to increase the level of data security under iOS, but can this ban be extended if developers already try to bypass it? At the beginning of the year, a data protection function is expected to take effect, restricting access to device-based advertising ID to the extent that users must explicitly agree to monitoring. They probably won’t do it, which is why many companies ’business models are threatened. Tracking users in different applications should only be allowed with consent.

As Ars Technica Reports, developers and application operators worry that most of their users will not agree to monitoring and that they will lose revenue. The report says serious efforts are now being made to establish alternative surveillance systems. However, since Apple does not allow device fingerprinting, developers will be expelled from the App Store.

Was the device fingerprinted?

A Device fingerprint Information collected through the software and hardware of a computer or mobile device for identification purposes. The information is usually stored using the fingerprint algorithm and used for connections to identify the device.

Apple has forced developers to publish data security information in the App Store. Make a detailed list of what types of data should be sent and available to third parties as well. This clearly distinguishes Apple from Android. There are no such obligations.

Want to see apps that show off your device fingerprint from the App Store? Or are developers not allowed to destroy business models? Write your thoughts in the comment fields at the bottom of this message.

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