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His plays "Switch-LED & Metroid Fear": Nintendo in Black

His plays “Switch-LED & Metroid Fear”: Nintendo in Black

Finally black on black – on the Nintendo Switch. Although the classic model prevents more contrast on the LCD due to the backlight, each pixel now glows individually, thus enabling true black.

This is how it is in practice and if not the new model Michael Wisorek shows up on YouTube and Twitz High plays from 6pm. The Nintendo Switch OLED model has more internal memory (64 instead of 32GB) and an updated dock Ethernet connection. We will take a closer look at the dock in the live stream and make a direct comparison.

Michael will definitely answer any questions you may have in the live chat or in the comment section here. Additional information about the console is also available in our tried and tested article on OLED Switch.

After the hardware area, the buttons will be pressed. Michael continues to play his savings game on the Android Tread, which is only the first hour behind him and shows whether Nintendo’s game will be useful for the winter business in 2021.

The Android Tread is the result of the 2D Android saga about Samsung Aaron. Bounty Hunter has been messing with alien metroids since 1986 (Metroid, NES). In the fifth episode of the Switch series, the plot now ends. Part 2 appeared on Game Boy, Part 3 on Super Nintendo and Android 4 or Fusion Game Boy Advance. Nintendo has released the first two games as completely redesigned remakes. The game series was once heavily influenced by the movie “Alien”, in which Chicorny Weaver played Ellen Ripley as one of the first strong female action heroines.

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