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500L Hey Google

Hey Google, the new Fiat 500 special series

Google Assist Technology meets the world 500, Cooling, made by design and logo. Thanks to the integration between Moper Connect and Google Assistant in the “My Fiat” action, a special series was born, allowing customers to connect their car remotely even when not on board.

Using their own voice, the car owner can ask and receive information about the car and use the smartphone or Google Nest Hub, a smart display. The Fiat 500 is a regular hit car And with Special Series Hey Google, Again, it offers a smart, simple, intuitive solution that makes everyday life easier. It’s one more step on how to interact with your car when you’ve not driving: in fact, say the words “Hey Google, listen to my Fiat …” to find out where the car is parked. Or available fuel or the location of a nearby garage and so on.

Celebrity Voice Assistant Hey Google It can also issue commands such as locking and unlocking doors and flashing emergency lights. When it comes to the 500, the walk comes first. The special series Hey Google, 500 and the stylistic language that Google encounters, enliven the cool life, playing on two essential colors, such as the white and glossy black of the roof and glass caps.

For the first time In the global automotive scene, we see the Hay Google badge on two-wheeled curves, while the two center pillars are decorated with elements inspired by Google’s colors. Inside we see the same motif with the embroidery hey Google label of the new slots, while the dashboard piece is in matte silver with a white 500 logo. The signature of “Hey Google” 7 will appear on the welcome screen of the touch screen internal display.

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That too cannot be missed Welcome Kit At the time of purchase you will find that the Nest Hub device within the Hey Google Store will be customized with a unique 500 frame, key card and welcome letter.

The new family of the Fiat 500 is Google

Iconic 500 on the special Google version It comes with a new matte silver dashboard panel with glossy black and white, 15 loy alloy wheels, new dark interiors, smooth-touch game steering with steering controls and the White 500 logo. The car is equipped with a 70hp Euro 6T-Final hybrid engine. Available in Gelato White, Pastel Gray, Vesuvius Black, Pompeii Gray and Italy Blue.

500x more (updated to 2021) Wears two-tone presentation Glossy black and white. It features 16 ”alloy wheels, fog lights and stained glass windows. Inside, the seats and matte silver dashboard with white 500 logo, smooth-touch steering, height-adjustable driver’s seat and front armrest are all new. The car is powered by Euro 6D-Final petrol engines, one liter 120 bhp firefly and 1.3 liter 150 bhp and two 1.3 liter 95 bhp and 1.6 130 bhp multijet diesel. Also available in Pacion Red, Gelato White, Silver Gray, Fashion Gray, Italy Blue and Cinema Black.

Finally 500L Hey Google, It is characterized by two tone white and glossy black distribution and 16 ”wheels. New seats and matte silver dashboard with white 500 logo, 1.4-liter Euro 6D-Final petrol engines and 95bhp or turbo diesel 1.3 multijet 95bhp.