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New Social Preview brings the latest Ubuntu 21.04 to Windows

New Social Preview brings the latest Ubuntu 21.04 to Windows

Canonical has released a community preview of Ubuntu on Windows for WSL 2 to make features of the current version of Ubuntu available on the Windows subsystem for Linux (WSL) and to try out new things under Ubuntu under Windows. Various Linux distributions can be run via WSL under Windows. Ubuntu, one of the first and most popular distributions for WSL, was previously only available with LDS versions with long-term support. So the latest official version is Ubuntu 20.04 from April last year.

New “Ubuntu in Windows Social Preview“Upcoming Ubuntu release is based on the developer’s version of 21.04 (” Hirsch Hippo “), so it’s up to date with software, which brings some new tools. ubuntuwsl A command line tool to manage Ubuntu and WSL settings. The “Ubuntu WSL Out-of-the-Box Experience” is an installer based on the new Ubuntu Installer SubWiki that listens to the most important settings when the community preview is first launched.

Canon wants to try out additional innovations for Ubuntu on Windows in the community preview. Therefore the company does not recommend this for product use, but only for users who are interested in testing. Preview can be Download from the Microsoft Store using this link, A search version was not found in the store.

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