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Here's Why You Should Update Windows On Your Computer - Oyster-France Evening Edition

Here’s Why You Should Update Windows On Your Computer – Oyster-France Evening Edition

U.S. software company Microsoft has announced that hackers could exploit a flaw in the operating system of Windows computers. The company founded by billionaire Bill Gates recommended the installation of a patch called “Print Nightmare”. Descriptions.

In early summer, the American community Microsoft Pull out the barbed wire. Founded company bill Gates They warned that hackers could take advantage of a flaw in the operating system of Windows computers, and suggested installing a patch called “Print Nightmare”.

Without it, hackers could control the system if they succeed, the technology company said in a post. Site Tuesday evening. “A hacker who succeeds in exploiting the vulnerability can run arbitrary codes, thanks to the privileged access to the system.”, Pointed out Microsoft.

Printer related defect

He can “Then install programs to view, modify or delete data; Or create new accounts with all user rights, Added the group.

The team invites Windows users to install this hotfix immediately, as all versions of the operating system are vulnerable, but not all have the proper security update yet. Many computer security experts report that the defect in question is linked to the printer program and has already been used by hackers.

In June, Microsoft had already warned its users when the US company used a major update on various operating systems, including Windows 10. Six vulnerabilities were specifically targeted by this link. The French Monitoring, Warning and Response Center pointed out on June 8, 2021, “When these vulnerabilities are chained together, it allows the attacker to take full control of a machine if a user goes to a malicious site.” A warning bulletin for computer attacks (CERT-FR).

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