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First update with some new features

Here’s an amazing view of Windows 11 on mobile

At Reddit, a fan imagined what the mobile interface for Windows 11 would look like using the key features of Android. The result is reliable, very elegant … and smacks of nostalgia for Fire Windows Phone.

What would it be like to land on a Windows 11 mobile?  A fan tried to imagine

What would it be like to land on a Windows 11 mobile? A fan tried to imagine it // Source: Microsoft

It may be a new one Initiator Designed by Microsoft, or the impossible resurrection Windows Phone Based on Android, but it is not. At Reddit, a fan shared several renders he made in Photoshop. They present Reliable mobile interface for Windows 11 By taking the basics of Android, but by visualizing the legacy of the new Microsoft OS and the hidden Windows Phone.

This detailed view of an imaginary Windows 11 mobile is a real treat to the eyes, but it is thoughtfully thought out. The functional version of this nice interface is missing only a few animations for believing and dreaming.

Seven rendering to dream Windows 11 for a moment on your smartphone

In total, Jerrypox shared seven renderings In his Reddit post. We find this imaginary UI in a wide outline through the panel. First, the locked screen shows an overview of notifications, but not the calendar or song being played (the occasion of the first recroll). The screen is then dedicated to enter the PIN code, and then the main menu mixes widgets, applications, and folders, similar to those provided by iOS 14, but with Windows’ new display identifier and Microsoft’s new icons.

Source: Jerrypox via Reddit

Quick Setup Boards is a good hybrid of Android and Windows 11, with access to custom settings. This method will be the same for the notice board which is very similar to iOS, the different components will be well separated from each other and displayed in the form of horizontal tiles. The Settings menu is inspired by the left pane of the Windows 11 Settings panel for its area, with a profile photo, a search bar below and a row of tabs similar to some icons of the newer Microsoft OS. The panel reserved for open applications finally shows four tiles, which we imagine as a drop-down menu for displaying other applications that are not closed.

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