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Here is the name of the new acquisition of Microsoft -

Here is the name of the new acquisition of Microsoft –

According to a new rumor posted by Twitter account @ Onion00048, a new study has been acquired Microsoft For that Xbox Game Studios, Which will be announced in E3 2021, and no one else Cridec, Crisis, Hunt: Developer of Showdown and First for Cry, as well as Cryingine.

According to the source, Credek and Microsoft will start talking about a deal in April 2021, so not too long ago, they have already been formalized and finalized. So during the announcement Xbox Conference dell’E3 2021.

Cridec is currently working on a smooth resume Crisis series, Basically the fourth episode, but from the story separated from the others, it will only be released on PC and Xbox, although it is still thriving on PlayStation. Rumor has it that the new Crisis will only be released on PC and Xbox Series X / S, with the exception of the old Xbox, with the goal of running at 60 fps on the consoles with radiation.

The game system should be in the form of Crisis first, so with open levels, but not with an open world. There will be one Crisis Mobile, Designed for Android, iOS and Nintendo Switch systems, is a very simple concept that sees a player fighting against fifty people.

As always in these cases, we invite you to take everything with proper caution, because these are simply unconfirmed rumors. To find out more, we’ll have to wait for Sunday when Microsoft hosts its highly anticipated conference. If all goes well, this would be a great conspiracy for Microsoft, which would have bought a better development studio and a more advanced machine, albeit a little harder. CryEngine.

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