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Here is the FPS Boost, the function of 'increasing' backward compatibility

Here is the FPS Boost, the function of ‘increasing’ backward compatibility

“Thunderstorms”, one shouts at Microsoft’s official announcement FPS Boost, Announced Xbox Series X / S Backwards Compatibility Message.

From the columns of the Xbox Wire Enterprise Blog, Senior Project Manager for Microsoft Video Game Paul Engg, Features FBS Boost and describes this feature as a result of the efforts of an American technology company “Generating Generations of Xbox Consoles”, In view of the strategy already widely defined in recent months by Bill Spencer.

As we have explained, FBS Boost was developed to overcome “simple” backward compatibility limits and allow Xbox Series X / S users to tap into Computational power Your next gen console.

The FPS boost system, in this case, uses a New methods Per Increase the framerate The originals of the games of past generations, Doubles it Or, even in some cases Raising it fourfold.

However, the new Xbox Series X / S lagging compatibility function will not work automatically, but should be created for each topic: not surprisingly, underlining how and where “Our team works closely with developers to improve their gaming experience while respecting their original vision.”.

The first video games to benefit from this new “advanced backward compatibility” technique For Cry4, New Super Lucky Tale, Sniper Elite 4, UFC4 e Watch Dogs2: FPS Boost function for these topics Available from today In the Xbox Series X / S. With the upcoming system updates of Microsoft’s next gen consoles, the Xbox team promises to introduce an icon on the screen for games that use the FBS Boost, which is like what’s happening now with captions enhanced by the process. Auto HDR D Xbox Series X / S.

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