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Here is a unique trick that will save you a lot of money when using conditioner

Here is a unique trick that will save you a lot of money when using conditioner

The heat officially burst and the temperature was too high to resist without an air conditioner. The problem is that overuse of this application will increase the cost of the bill at the end of the month, as well as cause serious damage to the environment.

However, there are some simple precautions that can save us a lot of money. For example, do we know what is the best temperature for setting up an air conditioner? This is one of the questions we will answer in the article.

Here is a unique trick that will save you a lot of money when using conditioner

We often offer advice on how to save money in your own home environment at Progionitiporza. We did this in the article “Here’s how to get an air conditioner bonus and save up to 50% of the total“.

The article above is suitable for those who need to buy a new air conditioner or replace the old one. However, for everyone, the following tips are perfect.

Thermal insulation

Heat Insulating Your Home is about installing an insulating material that allows you to keep the heat in the house for a long time. The mechanism also works in reverse, for example, in summer, it is necessary to keep the outside heat outside our home.

Among the useful installations for thermal insulation can be found panels, latest generation devices, exterior covers and an accessory that no one thinks. We are talking about insulating curtains. These types of curtains are dark and heavy, so it will keep out the sun and keep the house cool. Some people think about this, but here’s the unique trick of saving a lot of money when using an air conditioner.

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Excellent temperature

Not many people know, but the ideal temperature for setting up an air conditioner is only 5-6 C lower than outside.

Setting a very low temperature is wrong (as well as detrimental to health) because the air conditioner will have to work hard to reach. This will definitely result in higher energy consumption and more money.


Here is another perfect technique to save on your monthly final bill. Set the air conditioner to the function of dehumidification Allow yourself to feel the low heat. The air conditioner will require less energy, which equates to significant savings on the bill.