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Here are the new free games of June for PC, Xbox and Android

Here are the new free games of June for PC, Xbox and Android

After publishing the new line of The TV E Monitor is designed for the Xbox Series X / SMicrosoft is announcing a new round of video games that are set to become part of the Xbox GamePass list between now and the end of June.

Xbox GamePass subscribers can already download the rival party game from today (or access it directly from xCloud servers) The worms are chirping Get ready to enter your digital game library on topics like Need for Speed ​​Hot Pursuit Remaster, Iron Howrest, prodea e Limbo.

Here is the complete list of video games for Windows 10 PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and GamePass Ultimate subscribers to enter the list of topics available “for free” by Xbox GamePass subscribers. , In xCloud for mobile settings:

23 Kyugno – Worms Rumble (Cloud, Xbox e PC)

24 Kyugno – Iron Harvest (PC)

24 Kyugno – Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remaster (Xbox EBC)

June 24 – Proteus (Game Preview) (PC)

1 Luglio – Banjo-Kasui: Nuts & Bolts (Cloud)

1 Luglio – Error Myths: The Eternal Sapling (Cloud, Xbox EBC)

1 Luclio – Gang Animals (Cloud, Xbox e PC)

1 Luglio – Indestructible Areas: Vampire Wars (Cloud, Xbox EBC)

July 1 – Limbo (Cloud, Xbox and PC)

In the process of continuing to renew the subscription content offer, Redmond House confirms it From June 30th These topics are no longer accessible via Xbox Game Pass: Xbox Game Boss: Battle Chasers: Nightwall (Cloud, Xbox and PC), Marvel Versus. Capcom: Infinite (Cloud, Xbox and PC), Mistover (PC), Monster Hunter World (Cloud and Xbox), Out of the Park Baseball 21 (PC), Outer Wilds (Cloud and Xbox), Solcolipur VI (Xbox) Messenger (Cloud, Xbox and PC).

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