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Here are all the tricks and news of the update to OxygenOS 11 from OnePlus

Many Android users are still looking forward to the update for version 11, which has been updated with a number of new features. Performance On many smartphones. Device users OnePlus Fortunately, even models that were actually released a few months ago, 8 and 8 Pro Finally updated OxygenOS11. The expected overhaul of the interface has introduced a series of features already found in devices from other manufacturers and unfortunately also includes identity loss. It is an undeniable fact that the Chinese brand was really inspired A UI Samsung, while holding Performance And this Liquidity Organization.

We can find out All together then Announcements And a series Tricks Hidden that you can not do without anymore.

Video of the news of OxygenOS 11

All the news of OxygenOS 11

There are many innovations in the new OxygenOS, Some under the eyes of everyone, others were discovered only by the most hidden and most curious OnePlus users. In our discussion, we will try to explain as many things as possible, to help you use your devices or show features if you have not updated yet.

Always on display

First big newsAs always The scene was loudly demanded by the majority of believers of the Chinese brand. There is a special item in the customization menu that allows you to choose whether to display digital, analog, or letter clock. But we know there will be someone you love the most Breakout line, In addition to all notifications, it shows how many times your device has been used during the day.

Interesting idea that can be done better, especially with regard to translation in our language. Instead of opening, there is the word open, certainly not bad, but without any meaning. On the Unlock screen, you can set one Canvas, Functionality is still in beta, but already perfectly integrated and beautiful to look at.

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System customization

There are also some items that allow you to have the same menu that always sees the running scene Can be customized Deep interface. It can be changed under the heading “Highlight Color” Computer color, Choose from a list of pre-set colors or create your own with simple sliders. Over there The shape of the symbols The system, especially on the notification curtain, can be set by choosing between circle, square, drop and circular rectangle. If this is not enough, you should know that you can replace all icons of OxygenOS 11 with a Icon pack To the taste of what can be downloaded from the Play Store.

If you are changing your mind Font The system selected at the beginning, do not worry, you can choose whether to set up “Roboto” or the brand new “OnePlus Chance”. The manufacturer’s interface is not limited to these superficial changes, just click on a blank space in your home to open Quick menu There you can change the wallpaper, add a widget or manage additional settings.

These include the quick-activate menu for the shelf, the layout of the launcher layout, quick search gestures and customization of home grids and icon sizes.

Graphic restoration

User experience was at the forefront of OxygenOS 11, which is why Settings menu Also some apps will change them to suit the new look. Usage is the key word, which is why all products are neatly rearranged, occupying less than 60% of the display and improving performance even when using a smartphone with one hand.


The Applications: Dialer, News, Weather, Calendar have been redesigned to match the style of the entire interface, and they are very pleasing to the eye.

Keys and gestures

Buttons and gestures in OxygenOS 11 can change this in the menu Computer sounds Alert related to different modes of slider, modify Gesture Organization and Navigation bar Or execute quick gestures. For example, you can activate screen shots with three fingers or attach the opening of the app with the letter drawn on the display. By pressing and holding the power button, you can decide whether to call the voice assistant or open the classic restart menu, in which you can also set the cards attached to your Google Pay account. By pressing the same button twice, you can turn on the camera or call Alexa as your home voice assistant.


Hidden place

This feature was actually present in the previous version of Oxygen and allows you to create one Secret container For our applications. To remember it, swipe with two fingers towards the outer edge of the smartphone, add what you need and set one Password To further enhance privacy.



I Display OnePlus has made great strides in recent years, stabilizing and in some cases surpassing the competition. In this regard, we could not avoid creating a temporary menu to set parameters such as color temperature, resolution and the like Update Rate. With the “Comfort Hue” option you can change the colors of our screen with ambient brightness or you can make more use of the 8 Pro 120Hz with “pro clear color effect” and “graphic consistency of movements”.


Clearly, there are visual comfort options, Reading mode Definitely pretty dark mode. You can even “customize” the bar to your liking, select which icons to display and activate the battery charge indicator and connection speed.

To deal with the issue of green display affecting some devices, the manufacturer has introduced a small solution, especially when moving through menus that are not known. In applications -> you will find in OnePlus Labs “DC is blurredChanging the power of the shield circuits should solve the problem. However, beware that the colors of some screens may have the wrong colors.


Quick start

There is always a “quick release” hidden in the app, and this fun function allows you to quickly launch an action or application before unlocking the device. By setting the right links, you can open your notes or launch your favorite app. To activate this secret menu you need to hold down the display for a few seconds after using your fingerprint.

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The last feature of OxygenOS 11 that we are going to discuss is about the menu Battery This will allow you to improve our battery life or save yourself in difficult situations. Using the “Optimal Recharge” option, you can allow the OnePlus device to learn your habits and recharge up to a maximum of 80%. Once you understand your schedules and your procedures, the payment will be completed shortly before the alarm goes off.

His OnePlus 8 Pro You can enable mode Charges Reverse Charge devices equipped with wireless charging: smartphone, smartwatch or Bluetooth headphones. If you have the original wireless charger, you can set it to bed mode, which will prevent the fan from disturbing you while you sleep.

In the end

For users OnePlus Some functions can be discounted, but those who approach this brand today are unaware of them. There is no doubt that OxygenOS 11 is a clear step in a different direction from the direction initially taken by the manufacturer in 2014. New to us Interface Based on Android 11 Liked, Complete, fluid and packed with useful features for everyday use.

Update is available on update OnePlus 8D And via update OnePlus8 And 8 Pro. We hope soUpdate The previous generation OnePlus smartphones may also be coming soon 7 d e 7D Pro.