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Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Datamines Discover New Traces Of Cafe And Pigeon Coffee At New Animal Pass: New Horizons Update – Endeavor

The New link To Animal Abduction: New Horizons Although many fans expected, it did not bring much content again. You can now enjoy this year’s crackers and invite some new items into your own Dataminer He diligently researched the code of the reunion and found interesting things that could be implemented in the game in the future. At this point An announcementData miners have been right with their assumptions in the past, but not every invention finds its way into the game, which is why the following information should be handled with caution.

The Tau Bay Coffee NPC is still familiar to many fans and comes from old Animal Crossing games Cafe A building that many people want to build at Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Datamines have now found traces in the game code, which still points to its immediate appearance in the game.

The animal crossing world Version 1.11.0 in the latest article contains a change in the camera parameters for the coding “IdrMuseumCafe”. Version 1.10 previously added new camera settings for “IdrMuseumCafe” with a new reference to a third type of museum entrance called “IdrMuseumEnt03”. At the same link, the eventflow query “Museum Level” has been adjusted to accommodate a new value, which may be a newer version of the museum. In version 1.11 the ‘Museum Level’ was expanded with the new ‘cNpcMemory: TalkProgressMuseumBuiltCafe’ flag. After the museum was expanded to include the cafe, the Animal Crossing world now speculates that you can use the conversation with the villagers or special characters on your island.

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Since Kofi and his cafe were already one of the earlier animal cross games, the expansion would make sense in the current game as well. With Nintendo promising to add new content to the game later this year, the Datamine rumors may once again prove to be true. However, you still have to wait for Nintendo’s official announcement.

What content do you like in the future and is Pigeon Coffee on your wish list?