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Helicopters may be on the way -

Helicopters may be on the way –

Microsoft Flight Simulator It will be welcome soon Helicopters As a usable aircraft, in addition to a variety of classic aircraft, based on feedback from users indirectly provided by the Assobo Studio team.

You can find a screen shot with a summary in a post on the game’s official blog Feedback Derived from the Microsoft Flight Simulator community, with the corresponding working position for each individual request. It’s not really very clear communication, but it seems to worry about the introduction of the most voted request helicopters by users, which the developers are working on.

Microsoft Aircraft Simulator: Community Feedback Summary Indicates the next arrival of helicopters

The High demand, With 1506 votes, it turns out that “helicopters are a necessity” or “helicopters are a necessity”, and we see “planned” as an approach to this request and “2022” as a release. This indicates that helicopters are planned to be introduced in the Microsoft Flight Simulator and that the release of this feature is planned 2022.

On the other hand, the fact that the demand for helicopters in Microsoft Flight Simulator is a fact is also evident from the activities of third-party developers, who have already begun to work on such aircraft-based add-ons, Bell 47 Flynside Released in May D.L.C. Unofficial. At this point we are waiting for Azobo and Microsoft to see this initiative.

In the meantime July 27 An update is planned to receive major improvements in Microsoft Flight Simulator performance, while the console version is expected to be released. Xbox Series X | S., Which also brings some innovations.