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"Heart Chain Kitty" in the test.  How good the game is for Nintendo Switch and PC

“Heart Chain Kitty” in the test. How good the game is for Nintendo Switch and PC

Yes, it is a cat. A blue cat. She wore a hat and gloves.

Image: zvg


A handsome hero wants to cross the world of a mental game and entertain everyone. But after a few hours of play, instead of intense rapture, there is only one headache and the game is abandoned.

Simon Dick

A blue kitten with an imaginary kitty is thrown into the world, in which it jumps according to genre, collects coins and hearts, jumps on enemies and then disappears into the thin air. Through this simple game dynamics the eyes of our purists instantly glow, and we are reminded of the blissful retro moments in front of the tube screen.

We meet characters who explain that part to us and pronounce mysterious, sometimes very different things. Again and again we go through the portals to other levels, where we collect more coins and hearts and find other hidden paths and areas. Of course, there will always be a new ability to give our Baring Hero a little variety. Of course, as cats, we were born to climb.

Please do not feed the ducks!  OK!

Please do not feed the ducks! OK!

Image: zvg

Looking for family

Why are we so excited here? Cat parents need to be found because they are missing. At least the message of a stranger who is not really in this world and will soon frown. They disappear and our cat hero also seems to suffer from nightmares and usually exhibits slightly different behavior.

How is this related and what exactly is it? Unfortunately, I did not know because I had to stop the game after a few hours. Instead of a large part of the impulse, the headache penetrated the anterior. The main culprit is the appearance of this 3D platform, which gave me unparalleled roller coaster sensations.

Disability and shaking of the head

“Heart Chain Kitty”, the title is related to the freeware title “A Game with a Kitty”, which doesn’t really make it easy for you. Initially my motivation and curiosity was on this old school stage. The surreal look, of course, makes an impression with a special color spectrum, which is really unique, but a lot accustomed and slowly moved towards aggressive behavior.

In a nutshell: Over time, headaches began to notice, and it was no longer possible to continue playing. Even taking regular breaks did nothing to change the physical pain. In addition, the mini-map on the lower left should be consulted frequently so as not to be completely lost, which is very small. This is a big absurdity, especially in switch portable mode. If you switch to the big TV screen, you can see a little more, but when combined with optics, it becomes more and more difficult, and gaming becomes more and more tortured.

Below is a map on the left.  It alone cannot be understood.

Below is a map on the left. It alone cannot be understood.

Image: zvg

“Heart Chain Kitty” is really good for us with gamers. The stats are beautiful, the worlds invite you to explore and with more than 40 categories the scope is right. Even minimalist soundtracks reminiscent of old hopping adventures will find its fans. On the other hand, starting with rough controls and slow but sure disability will put you in a head shaking mode.

When optics is the boss

Conclusion: Yes, initially I had a lot of fun with this blue cat. Although it was quickly realized that Super Mario quality would not be achieved here, this platform was a welcome, entertaining change. The basic soundtrack animated me to hum and invited the world to explore it from the back.

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But optics soon became my personal boss. Initially the surreal, psychedelic design variation was still happy, but one torture per hour eventually led to headaches.

In addition, later in the game it became more and more difficult to control the cat precisely, and the diversion tore my nerves. I didn’t like it and tried to delay it as much as possible, but it led to dropping the game. It’s a shame, because kitten, it’s desirable, and the retro world is definitely better.

The Hard Chain Kitty is available for Nintendo Switch and PC. Approved 3 years and older.

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