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Health issues. BT: "Fabri fulfills all responsibilities" | Ferrara

Health issues. BT: “Fabri fulfills all responsibilities” | Ferrara

Chaos Ready sOccurred? Regional and health agencies will take care of this. It’s basically Answer that Ferrara is the mayor of Alan Fabri, As chairman of the Regional Community Health Conference, he gave to unions and protests.

Little by little, according to the Democrats, the Fabri-led CDS filed a question as to why it had not made any effort to respond to the grievances raised by union representatives regarding the staff of the Archives Hospital’s emergency department. Sand’anna de Gona

“One of the first actions taken by Mayor Fabre was to vote for himself as president of the Regional Social and Health Conference,” the Democrats now remember, considering it a legitimate act.

But over time, it turned out that the only purpose was to use the job, not to deal with itHealth issues, but only to argue politically with the Emilia-Romagna region (even on the last note the institutional role could not be distinguished from the political one. The assembly proves it) “.

Another role that Fabri played was “giving and taking the floor during CDS” because “in these two years Fabri has never been able to propose anything, in fact he has never cared about a health issue”.

“Never take responsibility for indicating whether the two-line path is right – continue the demo – in fact there is no clear expression even when financial statements are issued: we have placed ourselves behind a convenient voting without any opinion or creative plan”.

According to the minority it is very easy to “unload responsibilities without wanting others to accept their own, well summarized and pointed out in the regulation for the operation of the CDSS, which Fabri should re-read”.

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“But you know – teasing the Democrats – this is not only valid for health care, because there is no news of a conscious and authoritative administration in any other area. It is better to deal with other subjects (trade unions or art critics). In some parks we are in some fences, new Clearly unconstitutional social norms and excellent self-celebration posts made by employees are hired and paid for beautifully ”.

“But that’s enough for now! – asks the Democrats – two years too long to criticize others: infinite time for not yet starting to play their part, especially in a subtle moment we pass “.