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Health Boss: How to get it? Here are all the steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation

Health Boss: How to get it? Here are all the steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation

The first step in extending the Health Pass begins this Wednesday, July 21st. How to get it back?

The first phase of the Health Pass extension began on Wednesday, July 21st. It is now required to enter some public places and attend events organized in public places where there are at least 50 people. It is essential to have access to many places like cafes, restaurants or shopping malls soon. How do I get it? Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Have a complete immunization schedule, negative test or recovery certificate

The easiest solution to get a health pass is to get vaccinated. For this, you will need Record one of the vaccination sites Introduce yourself there. For most vaccines two injections other than the Jansen vaccine should be effective, requiring only one dose. Similarly, those who have already had Kovit-19 for less than 3 months and less than 6 months should receive only one dose of the vaccine. Following your injection, you will be given a vaccination certificate.

Those who have not been tested can get a health pass by taking a test, which should definitely be negative. It can be RT-PCR test and antigen test, the results of which are obtained very quickly. You will be notified of your pass with your test results. Be careful though: you can’t get a Health Pass thanks to self-examination.

If your test is positive for Covit-19, You can also get a health pass after taking care of your mandatory 11 day isolation period. Beyond this period, you are considered healed and immunized for a period of six months from your diagnosis.

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Step 2: Find your QR code

After vaccination, you will be issued a vaccination certificate. This document, which includes a unique QR code, acts as a health pass. Be careful though: the one week waiting period for the last injection should be observed for your health pass to be considered valid.

If you have lost your vaccination certificate, or have been vaccinated before May 1, and your certificate does not have a QR code, you can download it again Dedicated health insurance website. You usually need to link to a “France Link” account, which can be accessed with your identifiers, which are usually used for the site or tax site.

If you are unable to use online services, you can obtain your vaccination certificate, so have your QR code explained by a pharmacist or general practitioner. The Voice of the North.

During a negative test, your results contain a QR code that acts as a health pass that is valid for 48 hours. Again, if you keep this paper document incorrect, you can retrieve it On the SI-DEP portal. After your test, you will be sent an SMS or an email with a link to the contact details you left with your testing company. You must enter your date of birth by clicking this link. The password, which is valid for ten minutes, will then be sent to you via SMS or email. You must enter this in a previously opened Si-DEP window in your browser. You can download your test result, which will act as a health pass if it is negative.

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If positive test for Govit-19, The paper document issued to you is considered a certificate of recovery, so after 11 days and for a period of 6 months is considered a health pass. If you mistype this document, you can follow the same procedure mentioned in the previous paragraph and go back to the Si-DEP portal. You can download your positive test there.

Step 3: Choose how to issue your pass

If you want, you can download all the anti-Govt app. In it, you can click on the “Scan a QR Code” button. You can scan the QR code of your vaccination certificate, test result or recovery certificate. Your Health Pass will then be saved in the app, and you can access it at any time by going to the app and clicking “Open my notebook”.

If you do not want to download this application, With your smartphone, you can take a clear photo or screen shot Your vaccination certificate, test result or recovery certificate, you can issue as a health pass.

Finally, the last option is simply coming back Place or print a paper version You should keep your vaccination certificate, test result or recovery certificate in a safe place.